Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out of my way: Blunt tries clearing field for 2010

Rising GOP star Sarah Steelman has already faced the Missouri Republican party's fury for her crusade against its cronyism and waste*. And now, we may be witnessing the first steps in its effort to squelch her bid for 2010.

Powerful outgoing congressional Rep. Roy Blunt -- whose son is the state's outgoing governor -- is trying to clear the primary field in his race for Missouri's 2010 Senate seat.

Supporters of Blunt have launched DraftRoy.com, a site created for the ostensible purpose of building an image of popular support for Blunt's bid. But the creators of the site are anonymous, raising questions about the origins of DraftRoy.

As the News-Leader reports:

Most Republican Party insiders say if Blunt decides to run, it may clear the field.

*The Wall Street Journal's op-ed page ran a devastating expose about Blunt and the state Republican party's attacks against Steelman in her run for governor in 2008(ea):

So bitter are House Minority Whip Roy Blunt and Sen. Kit Bond at Ms. Steelman's attack on their cherished spending beliefs that last month they rallied the entire Missouri congressional delegation to put out a public statement openly criticizing her campaign against six-term U.S. Rep. Kenny Hulshof.....

And, oh, the howls of misery. Ms. Steelman's Republican colleagues were livid with her attempt to strip them of comfy pensions, annoyed with her "sunshine law" requiring them to be more open in their dealings, furious at her attacks on their ethanol boondoggles, appalled that she criticized GOP state Speaker Rod Jetton for moonlighting as a paid political consultant.

The national Republican party may be looking for a way forward, but it appears Missouri's state Republican party is still looking back.