Friday, January 2, 2009

Guardian writer: Palin's no Thatcher

Michael Stickings on the recent comparisons:

This isn't just a dismissal of Thatcher, it's an outrageous insult - even to those of us who don't much care for Thatcher. (I loved her in my more conservative youth but don't much care for her in retrospect.) And one can only wonder what Thatcher and her more sober admirers think of her being likened to a woman who, during the campaign, was an empty vessel for neocon delusions, fed on (and into) the nastiest elements of her party, emerged as the voice of uneducated, anti-intellectual provincialism, embarrassed herself whenever she actually dealt with anything of substance and dolled herself up like a hick in the city for what turned out to be a massive ego trip and preparation for a future presidential run.

At least this has quieted the nauseating Reagan/Palin comparisons. The question is: who's next? Disraeli, perhaps? Maybe even Cyrus the Great. How about a Cyrus the Great comparison? We need to be inclusive on these things, so let's try a Jew -- someone with Esther's guts, Ruth's commitment, Bathsheba's body, Delilah's communication skills, and Mary's womb.

Get on it, Red State.