Thursday, January 15, 2009

Profile: Sarah Steelman in 2012

Contender: former Missouri legislator and treasury secretary Sarah Steelman.

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Big Cans Award: A Republican operative in Missouri calls her "Sarah Palin with an economics degree". And indeed she should know Supreme Court decisions and fiscal competence, since she graduated with a BA in History and an MA in Economics.

to winning a seat in the Missouri State Senate, she worked as an economist for the Department of Revenue. In 2004, Missouri elected her State Treasurer. After Gov. Matt Blunt declined running for a second term, she decided to throw her bra in the ring for a chance to store her lingerie in the Governor's mansion, ultimately losing in the Republican primary.

Politico has identified her as the most intriguing prospect to replace retiring Missouri Senator Kit Bond in 2010.

Major Perks Award: While in the state Senate, Steelman accrued a socially conservative reputation. She earned a 100% pro-life voting record, sponsored a bill requiring students to say the pledge of allegiance and fought for the Marriage Amendment. Her views on taxes, ethics, the Second Amendment, education, immigration and other issues is located here. (She's also an economist)

Video: Glenn Beck interviews Steelman in July, 2008. (She's also an economist)

More multimedia here.

Why she can win: If elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010, she'd gain national political experience to augment her significant state Legislature experience and successful tenure as Missouri's Treasury Secretary. Her resume, therefore, would be deeper than either Barack Obama or Sarah Palin's were in 2008. She has fiercely conservative credentials, a brilliant mind, hails from a must-win battleground state and has gained a reputation as a reformer willing to take her party on. (She's also an economist)

Why she can't win: Although their similarities are primarily skin-deep, the nation may be suffering from Sarah Palin Exhaustion in 2012. Plus, Steelman lost a gubernatorial primary in 2008. Regardless of reasons (it was a "bruising" battle), it may have taken some of the luster from her, doubtless, herbal soft hair. Still, if she wins the open Senate seat in 2010 it might offset prior losses.

Can you imagine? A 2012 primary fight between Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman. The world wide web would be world-wide-shut-down.

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