Friday, January 9, 2009

Poe: Palin is MIA, part 2

Democrat Bob Poe continues the meme in his race against Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:

"Managing the day-to-day issues of the state of Alaska is not very sexy, but it is critical stuff to the daily lives of Alaskans. Since she became governor, she has barely held a cabinet meeting. It's time to put Alaska's future ahead of one's own political future."

While Poe's still got a longer shot than a celibate's first tour of duty, he's got a chance to make a name for himself among liberals, who relish despising Mama Grizzly as much as some conservatives relish adoring her. As such, Poe becomes Satan or God, depending on your political persuasion. That's called polarization, and no, it has nothing to do with ice caps.

For its part, the Palin campaign doesn't seem extroardinarly worried. Spokesman Bill McAllister:

"He [Poe] doesn't know what he's talking about."