Thursday, January 8, 2009

NAB praises Thune, DeMint and Pence for saving radio

The National Association of Broadcasters praised three potential 2012 candidates -- Jim DeMint, John Thune, and Mike Pence -- for their work on House and Senate bills banning "The Fairness Doctrine".

Last week, we wrote that John Thune needed a national cause (beyond fighting the cow tax) to raise his profile. Well, this cause is as sacred as any other for conservatives, libertarians and liberals, who still believe in free speech.

This ain't no cosmetic, flag-burning amendment -- It's what our flag is all about.

As Congressman Mike Pence notes:

"The founders would spin in their graves at the thought of the government censoring speech on many of today's radio and television stations. Yet that's just what some Democratic leaders seem to be after."

NAB executive Veep, Dennis Wharton, also weighed in:

“Since the Fairness Doctrine’s elimination in 1987, America has witnessed an absolute explosion in alternative media outlets, providing a rich diversity of viewpoints from all sides of the political spectrum. NAB salutes these lawmakers for their dedication to ensuring Americans have continued access to a free and robust press unfettered from government interference.”