Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thune: Summers letter "too vague"

Yesterday, incoming head of the National Economic Council, Lawrence Summers, sent a letter urging the Senate to give Barack Obama the second $350 million bailout green.

But South Dakota Senator John Thune isn't impressed:

“I think there are some people on our side who want to be for this [but the letter was] vague enough that it allows an awful lot of latitude..... So I think our folks would like to see it nailed down much more tightly in terms of what they’ll do specifically. I do know folks on our side who we’ve had communications with who are inclined to be for this, but would like to see some stronger protections."

As for Thune himself? He's "reluctant" to support it. His hesitation is perhaps explained by his ideology, but one of the more interesting dynamics that hasn't been fully mined is Barack Obama's relationships with his former colleagues. It's easy to forget that Obama was a Senator before becoming President, but possibly because he jumped ahead in line or possibly because he just didn't have the time, it seems he hasn't forged the kind of close relationships that Hillary Clinton clearly used to her advantage in today's confirmation hearings.