Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coulter: Single-mother Bristol Palin a victim

Ann Coulter (Ea.)

"But in the meantime it creates real victims, like children of single mothers, like aborted babies, like Sarah Palin and her extended family."

So there are three, "real" victims here:

a) children of single mothers

b) aborted babies

c) The Sarah Palin family

I'm assuming that, by including Sarah Palin's family as a victim, Coulter is referring to the Bristol Palin situation. But Bristol Palin is a single mother! So according to Coulter's circular logic, the victim (child of single mother) is the daughter of a victim (Bristol Palin).

Doesn't this fly in the face of Coulter's accusations against single mothers?

"We have single mothers because more than a million women a year choose to have babies out of wedlock."

Just like the victim Bristol Palin.

My heart goes out to both Bristol and Sarah Palin for their familial difficulties. We all have them, and travails of hearth and home shouldn't qualify or disqualify anyone for political service. But my heart does not go out to Ann Coulter. She's exploiting Bristol's situation for gain -- she's exploiting single mothers' difficulties for gain -- she's exploiting conservatism for gain.