Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A list of darkhorses

GOP Mike's darkhorse favorites.

1) John Thune
2) Michael Steele
3) Mike Pence
4) Eric Cantor
5) Paul Ryan

A good list, and we cover all of them, except Michael Steele, who will not run. The two names that have the most upside are Thune and Cantor. But I suspect Cantor will remain in the House, where he's quickly accruing power and forging strong relationships. While Thune's an attractive candidate, he's not a mover and shaker. Of course, he could be like one of those under-the-radar Survivor contestants, who emerges as a power-player near the end, but if you're under-the-radar and from South Dakota, it may be difficult to get traction.

Thune needs to attach his name to some significant legislation and fight for it in a national forum for the GOP to see what he's really made of.