Monday, January 12, 2009

Jindal: Republicans "dumb" on health care

Cal Thomas gets Gov. Bobby Jindal on the record (Ea).

"We have to apply our ideas to the problems Americans care about. I oppose greater government intrusion into our lives, but on health care, for example, for too long the Republican answer to this problem has been dumb."

Jindal goes on to say something even more shocking -- that he admires Teddy Kennedy.

"He is relentless; he is consistent; he knows where he wants to go."

Sums up every 20th century dictator, too. But to be serious, these "shocking" comments are exactly what the party needs. Hell, it's exactly what the country needs, setting the party aside -- or so says Jindal.

"The Republican Party needs to do two things: One, we need to stop worrying about the Republican Party and start worrying about our country. Second, we need to stop worrying about the messenger and start worrying about substance."

(Ea.) One interview. Three out-of-the-box insights. We could get used to this kid.

UPDATE: World Magazine is running the full, verbatim interview. Check it out.