Monday, January 12, 2009

Daniels: "Face forward into the sun"

Today, from Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels' inaugural remarks:

"Spring’s first flowers are always at risk. The frosts of fear can nip the most promising and beautiful of buds. If Hoosiers emerge from our winter’s sleep only to see the shadows of our doubts and retreat from them, then winter will return, all the more frigid for the fragile hopes it cuts short. But, unlike the groundhog of fable, we have the outcome in our power. If we choose to face forward, into the sun, casting our shadows behind us, we can summon the springtime, and command it to come."

Translation: Don't dip into the Rainy Day fund, you greedy whores. Don't build any more of your fucking meaningless buildings. Don't take your piece of shit pay raises. And whatever you do, if you sons-a-bitches can only do one thing, streamline our bloated local governments. Springtime. Birds. Flowers...... Okay, would someone get Patrick Bauer on the phone?