Thursday, January 8, 2009

Newsweek columnist: Palin's excuse "so lame"

On tonight's Hardball, Newsweek's Jonathan Alter responds to Sarah Palin's recent comments, in which she blames Katie Couric for that bad interview.

Yeah this was just so lame, Chris. I mean why didn't it go well the first day? It wasn't because Katie Couric was asking awful questions. Her questions were very straight, no spin on the ball.

The problem was Sarah Palin couldn't answer the questions in a way that showed the knowledge that is required to be Vice President and quite possibly President. So if she had decided not to go back for the rest of the interview she would have been conceding that she simply wasn't qualified to be Vice President if she couldn't answer Katie's questions.

Alter loathes Palin, but he's exactly right. Sarah Palin shouldn't make excuses for herself. Even assuming CBS News' worst motives, with all due respect -- if Katie Couric can intimidate and out maneuver you, don't cry for me, Argentina.

[Hat tip: Newsbusters]