Sunday, January 11, 2009

DeMint: Omnibus bill threatens party's future

Harry Reid got his wish. And despite Senator Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn's pleas, the Senate took the first step today toward passing a piece of pork Andy Reid would have trouble getting down.

The vote: 66-12. Which means a lot of Republicans either didn't take it seriously enough to show up, or didn't bother to read it, because the bill is a behemoth (12 Republicans supported it).

Now that the Senate's consolidated 160 separate bills into one bill the size of Marlon Brando's ass, a vote is imminent, and expect swift approval.

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint warns:

“If my colleagues on my side continue to accept this, there‚Äôs going to be no such thing as a Republican Party."

(Ea.) Sorry, Mr. Smith. Unfortunately, this isn't a Frank Capra film.

UPDATE: Jimmy Stewart might have been sending obstructed press releases during his filibuster; Jimmy DeMint twittered. Technology changes. Heroism doesn't.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jim DeMint's just a little Jeremiah, isn't he?

"I smell the same stale air of good old boy, backslapping, lobbyist-driven politics. This is not the greatest deliberative body in the world. This is the greatest chokehold body in the world."