Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Palin or Coulter? The choice is yours

Writing for the Huffington Post, Joseph Palermo says horny men explain the popularity of Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter:

Coulter, like Sarah Palin, is used to being surrounded by a gaggle of star-struck horny white Republican men who lob her soft balls and nod in agreement with all her ├╝bermenchen social theories.

That's what they all say, you derivative prick.

But since the derivative prick started it, let's muse on this for a few minutes, since you think about it every 52 seconds anyway, according to studies*. Who'd you pick? Let it percolate for a bit; don't be rash; these things need forethought.

For my General, Duke of Hazard, Servile Scepter, Hidden Atlantis, it's not even close. Ann Coulter looks like a cross between a gazelle, an ostrich, and a starving dill pickle. But I know some people are into that.

*if you're female, consult with your hormones. Or if you watch the L-word, your DVR.