Monday, January 5, 2009

Huntsman inaugurated

He starts his second term after being re-elected with a record 77% of the vote.

He says he will use his final four years in office to try to increase teacher pay, make health care more attainable and lure more businesses to the state.

While Huntsman's first term was marked by record economic expansion, his second term already is different. The state is rapidly shedding jobs and next year's budget is expected to shrink by $1 billion.

Utah doesn't impose term limits on its governors, but Huntsman says he'll stop at two. Utah Senators Hatch and Bennett don't look like they're retiring anytime soon (they'll be in the Senate until a second doctor gives them an opinion on whether the biological functions defining them as living organisms are terminated). So that means Jon Huntsman's sights will likely head east, toward the white house that lives atop Reagan's shining city on a hill.

UPDATE: Huntsman declared Monday "Utah Utes Day" in honor of the school's remarkable run this season. Yes, they got shafted/will get shafted. The Utah Utes -- football's Norm Coleman.