Friday, January 16, 2009

"The Cards, they're Mike Huckabee"

If both football and politics are on your mind, The Outlaw Egghead Monitor marries the two nicely in his playoff picks.


The Cards, they're Mike Huckabee. Talented, likable, underrated (consider Huck's showing in Iowa, and Arizona's win in Carolina). The Eagles, on the other hand, are Obama in the runnup to Nov. 7. The chatter out of the McCain camp: that their internal polling was showing considerable tightening. And rumor has it, the week before the election, there was some movement. But Obama had every fundamental in his favor. So does Philly...almost. We'll equate Arizona's recievers to 'The Bradley effect' as the wildcard going in. If the Cards do pull it out, that's how they'll do it, through the air.

And more candidates and their electoral counterparts:

Carolina: Rudy Guiliani, Tennessee: Hillary Clinton, Minnesota: Sam Brownback, San Diego: Fred Thompson. The Dallas Cowboys = John Edwards, in honor of their astounding implosion. And the New England Patriots, they're Ron Paul, the candidate who couldn't possibly win (because they're not in the playoffs, see), but about whom certain people could not stop talking...

Generally agree, except San Diego as Fred Thompson doesn't make sense. Fred didn't win a damned thing, and SD knocked off a red hot Colt team. I get the late entry into the playoffs/late entry Fred parallel, but Thompson was lauded as a favorite long before he got in the game. SD was left for dead.