Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gay groups nervous about Jindal

A sample:

a) The Forum for Equality sent Jindal a letter protesting Jindal's appointments to the state's Commission on Marriage and Family.

b) Mombian wonders whether the appointments will lead to a ban on gay adoption.

c) The Bilerico Project thinks Jindal is setting Louisiana up as the next big battleground in the fight for gay rights.

d) Tips-Q worries about a possible ban and reminds readers that a nearly "universal professional consensus" has ruled that LGBT parents are qualified.

e) Edge Boston is also concerned about the implications of Jindal's appointments.

In short, this is becoming a national issue. It's important to note that none of Jindal's appointments has even hinted that banning gay adoption in the state is on their agenda. And Jindal's own words are a far-cry from advocating such a specific measure.

"I believe family is the cornerstone of our society and look forward to the commission’s work on how we can do more to support healthy families."

Edge Boston took the above statement and commented:

Gov. Jindal himself provided a brief statement, which echoed anti-gay rhetoric from other social debates without offering an answer one way or the other.

I'm not sure how you contort Jindal's words into "anti-gay rhetoric" unless you're looking for it. Now, of course, there is a chance that this commission -- with its socially conservative views -- will come up with some sort of recommendation on gay adoption. But critics would do well to hold their fire until they have something real to shoot at. Gay groups are guilty of sliding down some slippery slopes on the ice of assumption.