Friday, January 9, 2009

Huckabee: There's Good Mitt and Evil Mitt

Earlier this morning, Mike Huckabee chatted with Dough Wright of Utah's KSL Radio, and praised Mormon political leaders, going so far as to nearly endorse Utah's Gov. Jon Huntsman, saying he would make an "outstanding President".

The Deseret News picks up from there:

Huckabee admitted that he saw a "different Romney" than the man he knew as a fellow GOP governor. (Romney served one term as governor of Massachusetts.)

During the presidential primary campaign Romney "was not the Mitt I knew," Huckabee said. "You could ask all the guys" who ran in the GOP primaries, said Huckabee, and they would agree that backstage, in public debates and campaigning, Romney acted differently than when he was governor or otherwise out of an intra-party race.

Huckabee said that Romney's "attitude and atmosphere" around him was perhaps caused because "he was surrounded by people who gave him very bad advice" during Romney's presidential run.

This much is true. There are also two Huckabees, and neither of them likes Mitt Romney.