Thursday, January 15, 2009

Schools prioritizing in wake of Barbour's budget

Yesterday, we remarked on grim, chicken-little warnings from Mississippi education superintendent, Hank Bounds, over Gov. Haley Barbour's budget.

Bounds said some districts may survive the reduced funding by shutting down sports programs or eliminating cafeteria, maintenance and school bus driving jobs.

After Wednesday's $76.6 million cut in education funding, districts are indeed bracing for the hard times... by not buying new buses (Ea.):

Last week, area superintendents told Hattiesburg American reporter Brittany Brown that although they hoped no cuts would come, they were prioritizing. Forrest County public schools may have to look at teacher positions, Superintendent Debbie Burt said. Hattiesburg has a $7 million contingency fund, so is in better shape than other districts. Several districts wanted to buy new buses; that type of purchase may have to be postponed.

See, the children can still eat, run, and piss at school.