Friday, January 16, 2009

Sarah Palin: renewable energy champion?

The Hays Daily News on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's bold move, belying her reputation as a purveyor of mayhem on God's green earth:

Gov. Sarah Palin has crossed swords with conservation groups over petroleum drilling, but she earned nothing but praise Friday after announcing the most ambitious renewable energy goal in the nation.

At a news conference announcing her statewide energy plan, Palin called for 50 percent of Alaska's power to be generated by renewable resources by 2025.

Obama's plan? 25% by 2025. As an important disclaimer to that, nearly 24% of Alaska's power already comes from renewable energy.

Pat Lavin, attorney for the National Wildlife Federation:

[Palin's announcement is a] "defining moment in Alaska's history. We just became a leader among states in committing to renewable energy as the power source of the future."

For more praise from traditional Palin enemies, check out director of the Alaska Conservation Alliance:

"Together, these goals make a very forward-thinking energy plan."

Regardless of the policy implications, this is a smart political move for Sarah Palin.

1) it wins her praise from some of her most vocal enemies in Alaska.

2) it puts her in the news for something other than nothing. she needs more stories like these -- stories that show her attending first and foremost to Alaska's needs. by doing so, she'll become less a caricature; more a politician to be reckoned with. the question is, will the media outside Alaska report it? not likely, unfortunately. but no news is better than Zeigler interviews.


Anonymous said...

I think what the 'Cuda is going for in this case is to frame the energy debate in federalism terms....that states should took care of their own energy issues and that what works in Alaska won't work in Kansas and vice versa. While she may indicate an agreement with the Messiah regarding the importance of renewable energy, she disagrees with the federal government getting involved (also she doesn't mandate it from what I read, which is another distinction between her and Obama and other GOP governors). Or at least that's what I think she'll say on Glenn Beck.

I'm a big 'Cuda fan but I too am not sold on the plan for policy reasons. But it is a pretty darn bold plan! It fits in with her all-of-the-above approach though I feel it's too supportive of alternative energy.

You needed some comments, so I wanted to give you one. I like the blog, despite how tough it is on my gal :) She probably gets too much love elsewhere in the blogosphere, so it's good that hear your perspective.

Anonymous said...

Also, notice that a Kansas newspaper picked up her plan...why would that be? I bet you other papers will pick up on it considering that the number is so high (50%). Now I'm really interested to hear what 'Cuda has in store Monday evening with Beck.

gop 12 said...

I think you're right. And politically speaking, this is a good move. But she needs more. The problem is: announcing a policy on renewable energy isn't great fodder for the late-night jokesters. Her recent bit to overturn the whale endangered species thing is.

So despite the Kansas newspaper,she needs a CNN Political ticker, or some however small Drudge link, or Huff. Like you said, here's hoping she uses the Glenn i/view to spend time pimping this, because the aforementioned news sources will be watching, waiting for juicy gaffes. SP should stick to policy in the iview. Not great for ratings, but good for her political career. (And who cares about ratings at this point. She could say the word "Falco" and they'd hit #1 on the charts next week, so she's got that covered).