Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Olbermann says Palin was "disastrous idea"

Anne Mullins reports on Keith Olbermann's opine re: the Palin pick:

"It was an idea. It was a disastrous idea. But it was an idea. Perhaps it would have worked better if she had not come off as if someone said to her: you’ve won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepsteaks.; you get to run for Vice President with John McCain.”

Only disastrous? Not cataclysmic, or the incipient imbecility of a doomed Oscar Wilde character eating corrogated cheese in a Charles Dickens' book about the Opium Wars between China and Great Britain in the Paleozoic Age? Or like gravy and ham mixed together with the detritus of Madame Curie's ill-fated efforts at good intentions before the winged god not known as Michael Jordan carried her like Icarus on his lucky day?

Just disastrous? Come on, Keith. Rachel's on your tail.