Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Huntsman pimps global warming

Does something about Politico's opening paragraph seem, well... not relevant?

Republican governors, battling climate change in their states and fed up with the GOP’s inability to organize in Washington, are urging their congressional colleagues to start the new Congress with unprecedented dedication to addressing global warming.

Republican governors, like every other, have been dealing with this thing called "huge deficits" and an economy in recession/depression. Makes it difficult for people to even afford home warming in winter, let alone worry about it on a global scale.

But Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is upset he can't get the attention of his colleagues on the myth that is global warming (When the Huffington Post runs a hit piece identifying it as "the biggest whopper ever sold to the American public in the history of mankind", you can bet even libs are cooling to it).


“It’s been enormously frustrating. “We would not need the Western Climate Initiative if it were not for the foot-dragging nature of Congress. If Republicans had identified this problem earlier and tackled it aggressively, we would all be working together.”

One fellow GOP Governor Huntsman can warm up to, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty:

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), Senate Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), among others, say they are taking hints from green governors, including Huntsman, Arnold Schwarzenegger in California and Tim Pawlenty in Minnesota to shape the GOP’s new approach...... Pawlenty has mandated that his state get 25 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2025.

Conservation isn't a bad thing, but as we've noted before skeptical environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg gets the A before B thing (Ea):

The main environmental challenge of the 21st century is poverty. When you don't know where your next meal is coming from, it's hard to consider the environment 100 years down the line. When your kids are starving, you will slash-and-burn the rain forest; when you're rich, you'll be a Web designer and vote green.


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