Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Huckabee uses PAC (!!) to slam Obama's "permanent campaign"

God love Mike Huckabee, but this is as head-scratching as the time he called the press conference to announce he wouldn't be running a negative ad against Mitt Romney.

Over at HuckPac.com, Mike parrots Ben Smith's words to warn of Barack Obama's "permanent campaign".

Huckabee concludes:

You can help us fight back by joining the National Volunteer Team at www.huckpacvolunteer.com and by making a small contribution in support of our efforts.

In Mike's emailed newsletter, he says:

Barack Obama isn't even sworn in and he is already thinking about the future.

Mike, what are you doing on radio and television? Why are you sending emails asking for money for your political action committee?


Pamela said...

Whoa! Talk about out of context. What's your point? Huckabee has been the most supportive Republican of this administration thus far (out of respect not agreement).

Pamela said...

One more thing....what was Reagan doing from 1975-1979???

ANSWER...delivering over 1000 radio broadcasts.

Sean said...

Did you even look at that post? It was written by Team HUCK, which is NOT Mike. And almost ALL of their posts ask for money.