Thursday, January 1, 2009

Will Jindal ban gay adoption in Louisiana?

Last month, Arkansas made it more difficult for gays to adopt, and now Gov. Bobby Jindal is stacking Louisiana's Commission of Marriage and Family with religious conservatives.

Jindal has not detailed precisely what he hopes to get out of the commission. His appointments, announced in October, include several prominent social conservatives, headlined by Tony Perkins, the former Louisiana lawmaker who now runs the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Also on the list are a handful of clergy from conservative Christian denominations and the law professor who wrote Louisiana's "covenant marriage" law, which makes it harder for participating couples to divorce.......

The Louisiana panel alone cannot change the law here. But gay rights advocates envision a scenario where the commission recommends something like the new Arkansas model, offering political cover for Jindal and state lawmakers to adopt changes.

One note: the Arkansas law didn't specifically prohibit gay adoption; it merely prohibited unmarried, cohabitating couples from adopting, which by extension, disqualifies all gay and lesbians.


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