Sunday, January 4, 2009

Barbour hints at RNC favorites

When asked whom he supports for RNC Chairman, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour demurred but noted:

"There are some people that want to attack us as being too Southern. I don't think we ought to make it easier for them to do that."

Well, that cuts the field in half. Mike Duncan, Katon Dawson, and Chip Saltsman are all Southerners, leaving just Michael Steel, Ken Blackwell, and Saul Anuzis as potential Barbour candidates.

Even more interesting is that Barbour may be coming to grips with his own electoral realities in 2012. Barbour is nothing, if not Southern, and for a prominent Southern governor to admit the party may be experiencing a branding problem is no small announcement, especially when implying he's part of the problem.

As a former RNC Chair himself, Gov. Barbour is certainly wise to his party's larger electoral concerns, and probably loathe to mark off major suburban populations as "un-American". After all, this guy gave us the big tent, and now he wants to see a few poles back up.