Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cantor: "Moral imperative" to stand with Israel

Republican House whip Eric Cantor and Democratic House Majority leader Steny Hoyer write an op-ed for the Washington Times:

A culture that celebrates death is only too happy to sacrifice its own people for the sake of rallying world support. In the heat of war, Hamas is holding true to its indisputable record as it launches rockets from neighborhoods, schools, markets and mosques. This is in stark contrast with Israelis, who drop leaflets and make phone calls to Palestinian civilians in targeted areas, alerting the civilians, but forfeiting the element of surprise.....

America would never sit still if terrorists were lobbing missiles across our border into Texas or Montana; and just as we assert our right to defend ourselves, Israel has every right to protect its own citizens from the implacable foes on its borders. Support for Israel in her time of need, from both Democrats and Republicans, is not just the logical choice. It is both a strategic and moral imperative.