Saturday, January 3, 2009

Progressives think Pawlenty's one of the worst people in Minnesota

Here's their beef:

Now how in the world could a governor with a 55+% approval rating be on this list? Well, let's see. He has overseen Minnesota's worst economic performance in recent memory, with thousands of jobs lost. He had a major bridge fall down on his watch. He has had 2 commissioners removed, either by resignation or the State Senate.

The legislative auditor has criticized his JOBZ program. The DNR partied on the state dole. An employee in charge of dealing with disasters is AWOL on the biggest one. And he will soon be dealing with the largest per capita state deficit in the nation.

Pawlenty always has a good excuse for all that negative stuff. It is always somebody or something else's fault
. From high taxes to gusset plates to DFL irresponsibilty to local government largesse to an economy out of his control. Governor Pawlenty has done a "great" job....he just has had too many others messing it all up. For years we have heard the excuses. And for years we have watched Minnesota decline.

(Ea) In Minnesota, usually it is someone else's fault. They're the fucktards that said "no" to Reagan in '84. Oh yeah, and the Soviets didn't like Reagan, either. I know that's ancient history, but so is the Bay of Pigs, and do you think pieces of ham can just walk around their pens and forget that shit?