Friday, January 16, 2009

Alex Sink won't run against Crist!

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's most likely Democratic challenger for either governor or the Senate seat, CFO Alex Sink, announced she's going to seek re-election to her cabinet post.

This clears the field for Crist of his biggest challenger for either position*.


"Over the past several weeks, I have given serious and careful thought to my own future and, more importantly, to the future of our state and I am extremely grateful for the support and advice so many friends and fellow Floridians have shared."

We'll track the buzz on this surprising development as it comes...

*Dems were making an issue this week of the fact Sink wasn't going to use taxpayer $ to travel to DC for Obama's inauguration, while Crist was non-committal. All signs pointed to the popular Democrat's run. What's Charlie doing to these people? First, Jeb; now Alex?

UPDATE: Now, it's reported that Crist likely won't be running for Senate:

Crist and those closest to him have all but ruled out a run.

For our take on why Crist would/wouldn't, click here.