Monday, January 19, 2009

Running Diary of Palin's appearance on Beck

4:34 PM: Glenn Beck introduces Sarah Palin and chokes up talking about their special needs babies. Nice moment. Glenn's an emotional guy, and not afraid of wearing it on his sleeve.

4:35 PM: Sexy hair, Sarah! "You are one hot Grandma", Glenn Beck notes. I'm really digging the tousled hair look (on Sarah; not Glenn). She looks great in black, and I'm not usually a girl in black type guy. But she's one sexy grim reaper.

4:35 PM: Sarah Palin's proud of Barack Obama. I think Barack Obama is, too.

436 PM: Her neck looks a little older, more wrinkles. Yes, I'm just looking at her; I should start listening.

4:37 PM: Maybe not.

4:38: "Under an umbrella!" Palin. Please no more umbrellas, Sarah! You're not fucking Rihanna.

4:39: "Our economic system is based upon the principles of capitalism." I'm going to go back to just looking at her.

4:39 PM: Her daughter's a budding supply sider.

4:40 PM: Beck's populist shit is getting annoying. Before the break, he slams Meet The Press. MSNBC's turned into one-way trash, but Russert was a paragon of good journalism, and Gregory's done a good job -- a little manic, and the chair looks a little big, but he asks the tough questions.

4:43 PM: Sarah Palin's on the shores of Cook inlet, talking about seeing Mt. McKinley. She should mention Russia just for shits.

4:44 PM: Only problem with black is you can't see her breasts, as well.

4:44 PM: Wow, it's only 1:44 PM there. Time Zones.

4:45 PM: Glenn Beck: if politicians went to Wendy's, there'd be no terrorism, economic collapse, or jihad.

4:45 PM: "Diapers". I knew it'd come up.

4:46 PM: Someone emailed a question about how to be more involved in politics. Go phone bank, asshole. See how fun "being involved" is.

4:47 PM: Ends up with a special needs question. "I know I'll learn more from Trig than he'll ever learn from me". Ouch. She could have phrased it better, but no harm. We know what you meant, Sarah.

4:48 PM: I like this woman, got a lot of joie de vivre.


Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with that interview is that Glenn Beck didn't give her a chance to promote what she was doing in her state: didn't she just release the most audacious renawable energy plan in the country? Beck didn't seem to care and was more interested in self-bloviating, which is a common theme among the FoxNews hosts. If Beck talked for less than five minutes, we could have gotten more Palin and more reader questions instead of Beck hearing his own voice.

Compare this interview with Cavuto and Pawlenty; Cavuto let Pawlenty explain that he was pushing for business tax cuts in his state. Regardless of the policy wisdom of tax cuts in a time when Minnesota is facing a 5-8 billion deficit, Pawlenty still got a chance to explain what he was doing in his state.

Perhaps Palin needs to be more aggressive and just go above and beyond the questions asked of her so she can get across more what it is that she's doing for Alaska. These Foxnews guys aren't doing her any favors when they don't ask her questions about Alaska. I guess the solution is that she could demand before hand that they ask about it.

Anonymous said...

But GOP2012, I agree that Palin was smoking today; damn, I love the black on the woman. I like the older look too, she looks more serious. Though I prefer the hair put up in a donut fashion, she's even more of a knockout with that look.

Hope she goes on Hannity and gets to talk more about Alaska.

I actually think Anderson Cooper would be a guy she should start forming a relationship with. It's at the 10:00 hour, so she could do the interview after work at around 6:30 Alaska standard time. I think his witty style would be a good match for her sassiness. I really don't think fawning hosts are doing her much good because the questions they ask don't really present what is most appealing about Palin to many of her supporters: that is the boldness and chutzpah that she has demonstrated as governor when it comes to energy issues and fighting the establishment.

gop 12 said...

Agreed and agreed. And the Cooper idea's terrific -- she needs someone poking her with a wink, so she can poke back with a wink.

No, older isn't necessarily bad. Diane Lane's someone I could still get behind.