Friday, January 16, 2009

Thune keeping the faith on Coleman's fight

South Dakota Senator John Thune lost his bid for the Senate in 2002 by just 524 votes, and decided not to ask for a recount. But he claims Norm Coleman's case is different (ea).

"I was behind on election night, and Norm Coleman was ahead on election night. In fact, [Coleman] was ahead by more than 700 votes on election night and throughout the ensuing canvassing process. It was through the recount that numerous inconsistencies and problems have been discovered, and new vote tallies are, at best, preliminary and perhaps inaccurate.

There are lots of disputed ballots, newly discovered ballots, missing ballots in Hennepin County. You've got double-counting of ballots in at least 25 precincts, you've got a lot of absentee ballots that the Coleman camp is arguing were wrongly rejected.These are probably going to have to be sorted out by the courts, and they will be."