Saturday, January 17, 2009

Press uses Corker visit as chance to grope

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker's now-legendary trip to Detroit keeps producing the anecdotes. And they get more sensationalistic each time.

The Detroit News:

After the Tennessee senator arrived, he was mobbed by reporters -- to the alarm of show security.

After a few minutes, guards began pulling reporters out of a scrum as Corker kept talking. The jostling of reporters and others in the crowd created some accidental overfamiliarity among the press corps, with one female reporter shouting:

"Don't touch me! Take your hand off my breast."

Despite the incident, Corker kept talking.

Here's more TMZ-like video of his turn. Did he go to the Paris Hilton School of Paparazzi, because he seems completely comfortable surrounded by.... microphones.... close to his mouth.