Monday, January 5, 2009

Meg Whitman gobbling up Romney staff

The Inquisitr (Ea):

Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman looks set to announce a run for Governor of California after quitting the corporate boards she sat on.

Whitman has now resigned from the boards of Procter & Gamble, eBay, and Dreamworks Animation. A source quoted in the Wall Street Journal said Whitman could announce her candidacy for governor in the next four to six weeks.

Whitman took a high profile during the 2008 Presidential election as an advisor to John McCain, and has strong contacts with high profile campaigners in the Republican Party. Her campaign team will consist of Mitt Romney staff according to the report; Whitman backed Romney for the GOP spot until swinging behind McCain.

Her run for Governor of CA could turn the race into a referendum on Proposition 8, which she supported, angering many close to her and prompting ebay boycotts. Her close ties to Mormon Mitt Romney and that church's passionate stand on prop 8 should turn the governor's race into a truly vicious and possibly historically expensive affair.

Here's some more analysis on who she might face in the primary, and just how long her odds might be in a general.