Monday, January 19, 2009

Greedy or just hungry: Gustav pits Jindal against FEMA

5 months after Gustav.

FEMA: emergency food and supplies were exhausted because the victims in Louisiana were too greedy -- there was an "extraordinary" rate of consumption.


"FEMA took too long to replenish the MREs, the water, the tarps that were in desperate need by our people. Victims should not have to worry about delays in FEMA shipments of food, water and emergency supplies."


"The rate of distribution exceeded the stored and reserve quantities of meals that were in the distribution pipeline, requiring expeditious action to resolve this shortfall. This extraordinary burn rate caused FEMA to place additional large orders for shipment to the staging areas."

This is a tough one. In one corner, a government program. In the other, a governor who has nothing to lose and everything to gain by blaming a government program for mankind's nasty, poor, and brutish behavior. And to add to Hobbes, its gluttonous and indulgently voracious appetite.

The politician or the government program.