Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thune wants $2 billion for SD Indian tribes


Sen. John Thune and 21 other senators have sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama asking him to support financial aid for tribal health, law enforcement and water projects.

Breakdown of how the $2 billion would be spent:

1) Water projects on reservations nationwide ($1 billion)

2) Public safety on reservations ($750 million)

3) Indian health centers and sanitation facilities ($250 million)

The pro-life blog Voices Carry approves:

Those who profit from abortion can be frequently heard in South Dakota talking about the rape problem on the rez and how it is therefore absolutely essential that these poor women have increased access to "abortion care."

I'm with Thune… let's go after the rapists and not execute a capital punishment on an innocent child for the crime of their father.